BMW R1200 Maintenance Video

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BMW R1200 Maintenance Video and R1100/1150 Companion Video

by Jim Von Baden
Have you been wanting to do your own maintenance services on your R1100/1150/1200GS, R, RT, RS or ST but were unsure how to go about doing it? Well, the solution is finally here!

Jim Von Baden, a well known and respected proponent of "do-it-yourself" service work, has been offering advice and expert technical support to the BMW crowd on various internet forums for quite some time now.  At the prodding of numerous posters he has released a series of high quality videos that take you through all the basic maintenance your BMW requires. This is to put it mildly, a treasure chest of information and tips way beyond what can be gathered from even the BMW factory repair manual.

Most repair manuals are written for experienced and trained technicians with the assumption that the basic steps are already known. This often leaves the DIYer not even knowing where to start. Jim walks you through each step of the job even suggesting the tools required as well as supplying torque and tune-up specs. 

Jim is no professional movie maker but simply a guy who knows what he's doing and how to make it understandable to the average bike owner. So don't expect a lot of glitz but do expect a step by step tutorial that will have you maintaining your bike like a pro and taking advantage of the savings that can be had by doing it yourself as well as the satisfaction of knowing its been done right!

Due to popular demand Jim has released a 80 minute companion video for the R1100/1150 series. This is not an all inclusive video as the original 100 minute R1200 videos is but covers the differences between the R1200 and the earlier R1100/R1150 bikes so in order to get the full benefit please order both.

We now have the updated videos available for the newest Liquid Cooled R1200 bikes.


Here is what is covered on the R1200 Video
  • Introduction by Jim
  • Removing the gas tank
  • Changing the engine oil
  • Changing the transmission oil
  • Changing the final drive lube
  • Adjusting the valves
  • Changing the air filter
  • Bleeding the servo brakes
  • Replacing the alternator belt
  • Installing the gas tank
  • Reading system fault codes
  • Synchronizing the throttle bodies
Here is what is covered on the R1100/1150 companion Video
  • Removing the gas tank.
  • Changing the fuel filter
  • Changing the air filter
  • Installing the gas tank
  • Adjusting the valves (Differentiation from the R1200)
  • Throttle Body Sync
  • Bleeding the non-servo brakes
  • Replacing the alternator belt
  • Draining and refilling the Final Drive
  • Spoke Checking procedures


And some screen shots. Preparing to bleed the brakes.
Identifying the brake bleed points.
Reading the system fault codes.
Suggested tools for adjusting the valves

Removing the Gas Tank
Changing the Fuel Filter
Alternator Belt Replacement
 Before deciding to purchase the video please note the following:
Caution: Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this videoit was primarily designed to enhance your knowledge of the BMW motorcycle. As such, it is not meant to replace the maintenance manual or to supply complete information about each procedure covered. Any damage done to a motorcycle or personal injury resulting from the use of the video is solely the responsibility of the user and not the maker or seller of the video. Please use the video as a reference only. Performing motorcycle maintenance can be dangerous so please take the proper precautions when attempting to perform your own service work. If you do not have the proper tools or mechanical ability to do this type of work it is best left to the professionals at your BMW Service Center.
BMW Spark Plug Cap Removal Tool
Since you'll now be doing your own service work you'll probably want to upgrade your spark plug cap removal tool. The factory supplied plastic tool slips off the cap easily and is prone to breakage. Recommended by Jim Von Baden and featured in his video, our tool is CNC machined from aluminum and will not damage the cap or wear out. It's small enough to carry in your tool roll measuring just 1 " by 1 " and weighing less than 2 ounces. If you would like one please place your order along with the video below.
BMW Front Axle Removal ToolPlease also check out our Front Axle Removal Tool.
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Coil-over spark plug cap removal tool including postage within the USA for all R1150 from Dec 2002 production; R1200C, R1200C I/M, R1200 Montauk from October 2002 production; all R1200 from model year 2003 and newer; R1100S from December 2002 production; new style K1200/1300.$25
Coil-over spark plug cap removal tool including postage outside of the USA for all R1150 from Dec 2002 production with 2-Spark heads; R1200C, R1200C I/M, R1200 Montauk from October 2002 production with 2-Spark heads; all R1200 from model year 2003 and newer; R1100S from December 2002 production with 2-Spark heads; new style K1200/1300.$30

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