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Visual Alert
by Marc Parnes Products


     Visual Alert in Flash Mode


              Visual Alert

Visual Alert UB for Valentine One

Visual Alert for Escort and Bel

Base to Face Angle examples



Wafer Cut

Having a Radar Detector on a motorcycle is useless unless it alerts the rider effectively. Relying on the detector's built-in lights and beeps is not enough so riders have tried many different approaches. Some have wired up helmet speakers tethering them to the bike. Others have installed screaming loudspeakers that annoy everyone within earshot. Others have installed expensive remote controlled lights mounted inside their helmets that depend on batteries and complex electronics. All of these methods can be inconvenient, unreliable and not very effective. Installing accessories in your helmet can even be dangerous. The Visual Alert answers all of these concerns.

What is it: The Visual Alert consists of a small black box equipped with ultra-bright red LEDs that flash in concert with the detector's beeps. As the beeps increase in frequency so do the flashes until they become a steady glow as you approach the radar or laser source.

Here's how it works: The Visual Alert plugs directly into the detector's earphone outlet. There are no batteries or complex electronics to wear out or fail. The Visual Alert is powered by the detector's earphone output alone.

Applications: Currently the Visual Alert is being produced for the following detectors:

  • Valentine One equipped with Valentine's audio adapter
  • Escort 8500, 8500ci Plus, 9500i, 9500ix, iQ, Redline
  • Beltronics Pro (all models), RX (all models), GX65, Vector 895, 955, 965, 995 and V series (all models).

Specials: Please call me at (714) 842-9210 in reference to the following detectors.

  • Escort 8500ci/9500ci do not have an earphone jack but can be wired direct in place of the speaker.
  • Escort MAX will not operate from the earphone jack but can use my standard Visual Alert for Escort when wired direct in place of the speaker.
  • Beltronics STiR Plus uses my standard Visual Alert for Bel when wired direct in place of the speaker.
  • Laser Interceptor uses my Valentine One Visual Alert but I have to change plugs for you.

The Visual Alert will unfortunately not work with any model of the Escort Solo, Escort 4500 and older or the Beltronics STi Driver.

The Valentine One model comes in two configurations. The standard unit has 5 LEDs and is more than bright enough. I can also custom build the Visual Alert UB (UltraBright) with 10 LEDs which is only recommended for special applications where it has to be mounted extremely far from the rider. Its 10 LEDs can be too bright in low light situations possibly resulting in a potential hazard.

Mounting: The LEDs have a wide viewing angle which allows the Visual Alert to be mounted conveniently and still be in your line of sight. I have mine sitting on top of my Valentine One which is attached via a RAM mount to the left side of my handlebars. The Visual Alert comes standard with the face at a 52 angle from the base which helps point it towards your eyes. I can supply the Visual Alert UB with any angle you specify at no extra charge. The Visual Alert can be mounted using hook and loop fastener or super glue for a more permanent fixture. Mounted directly on top of your detector it easily moves from bike to bike. Mount it on the bike itself and your detector moves easily between your bike and car.

Specs: The Visual Alert is machined from solid black polyethylene. The internals are encapsulated in epoxy which makes it extremely weather and shock resistant. It comes wired with a heavy-duty cord and plug approx. 24" long as standard.

A note about the plug on the Escort and BEL
Due to differences in plug tip configuration, the Escort and BEL models come with a straight plug while the Valentine comes with the right angle plug pictured. I used to use a right angle plug on the Escort and BEL but had a few comments from owners that the plug fit loosely. This isn't a problem on the Valentine since the plug size is different. The new straight plug fits much better. If your particular application requires a right angle plug please make note of that in the comments area when checking out and I will swap the straight plug for the right angle plug. If you opt for the right angle plug please be aware of the fit issue and take steps accordingly. If you are using a Legal Speeding weather-proof box you'll need the right angle plug since the straight plug won't fit inside the box.
Valentine One Std51.450"1.00"1.00"None$59
Valentine One UB 101.450"1.00"1.00"Base Angle Cord Length$95
Escort Models61.700"1.00"1.00"None$59
Bel Models61.700"1.00"1.00"None$59
See price list below for specific models available.

Optional Configurations: Since the Visual Alert UB is custom built I can modify its:

  • Base to Face Angle (std 52)
  • Cord Length (std approx. 24")

at no extra charge. You can specify what you'd like in the space provided below or leave it blank for the standard configuration.

If you have a mounting area that points towards your eyes such as the top of the instrument cluster on a K1600 BMW, I can cut the Visual Alert down into a small stealth rectangle only slightly thicker than the LEDs themselves as pictured on the left. I refer to this as a wafer cut. Bear in mind that if you mount the Visual Alert in such a way that it does not point at your eyes it won't be effective. If you're not sure then you're better off ordering it with it's standard configuration and testing it first. If after experimentation you would like the base angle modified you can always mail it back and I'll re-machine it for you at no charge. If you would like the wafer cut modification now just leave me a note in the space provided during checkout or call 714-842-9210.

Please view the Installation Instructions for more information.

Important Warning: Due to the brightness of the Visual Alert it is essential that the detector be turned off or the volume be turned all the down or the Visual Alert be disconnected in low-light conditions. Failure to do so could result in temporary reduced vision possibly resulting in an accident. It is the owner's responsibility to use the Visual Alert in a safe manner.

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You may specify the Base Angle and Cord Length for the Valentine UB below. If you leave the fields blank it will come standard with a 52 degree base angle and a cord length of 24".

All Prices include First Class Postage!
International Currency Converter
Availability: In StockVisual Alert for Valentine One shipping included to the USA.$59
Availability: In StockVisual Alert for Valentine One shipping included outside of the USA.$65
Availability: In StockVisual Alert for Escort 8500, 8500ci Plus, 9500i, 9500ix, iQ, Redline shipping included to the USA.$59
Availability: In StockVisual Alert for Escort 8500, 8500ci Plus, 9500i, 9500ix, iQ, Redline shipping included outside of the USA.$65
Availability: In StockVisual Alert for Beltronics Pro (all models), GX65, RX (all models), Vector 895, 955, 965, 995, V series (all models) shipping included to the USA.$59
Availability: In StockVisual Alert for Beltronics Pro (all models), GX65, RX (all models), Vector 895, 955, 965, 995, V series (all models) shipping included outside of the USA.$65
Visual Alert UB for Valentine One shipping included Worldwide.
Base Angle
Cord Length$95
Priority Mail Upgrade for the USA ONLY. Features 2-3 day delivery.
Canadian Customers Please Read
Normal Post to Canada can take an extended period of time of up to a month or more. I have found that with Priority Mail it consistently gets delivered within 10 days so I recommend it.

Priority Mail Upgrade for CANADA ONLY. Features 6-10 day delivery.




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