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Laser Chain/Belt Alignment Tool

By Marc Parnes Products

Proper chain/belt and wheel alignment improves stability and handling as well as increasing the life expectancy of your chain/belt and sprockets. Most bike manufacturers provide some sort of marking on each side of the swingarm to help align the wheel when making a chain/belt adjustment or after re-mounting your rear wheel. These marks can be notoriously inaccurate and often difficult to judge from side to side. This ingenious little tool eliminates the problem by shining a thin red laser beam down the length of the chain or belt perfectly perpendicular to the sprocket. It is also magnetic so in the case of a steel sprocket it can be left on the sprocket and turned on while aligning the wheel.  In the case of an aluminum sprocket you simply hold it against the side of the sprocket while checking alignment.

The tool is beautifully machined from aluminum billet to exacting standards in Germany by Profi Products. It is powered by 3 self-contained AG5 button batteries.


  •  Works with a chain or belt drive.
  •  Since the tool is used on the lower chain or belt run it is not necessary to remove the guard.
  •  Chain or belt alignment can be checked precisely in seconds.
  •  The tool sends a narrow laser beam over the entire length of the lower chain or belt making the result extremely accurate.
  •  Inexpensive and very durable.


  1. Put the bike on it's center stand or pit stand.
  2. Put the bike in gear.
  3. Clean a flat spot on the sprocket.
  4. If the sprocket is steel the tool will adhere to it magnetically. If the sprocket is aluminum you will hold the tool against the sprocket.
  5. If you are aligning a chain then put enough pressure against the wheel in the reverse direction so that the lower chain run is taut.
  6. If you are aligning a belt then clip two of the supplied "beltmarks" onto the belt.
  7. When you are ready to check alignment turn the laser on by turning the knob clockwise. Please note: never look directly into the laser beam or point it at people or animals.
  8. Direct the beam down the chain. The beam will align with the side plates. If you are working with a belt then align the beam with the hash marks on the "beltmarks." Adjust alignment as needed.
  9. Turn off the laser by turning the knob counter-clockwise.

Please bear in mind that this is a sophisticated instrument and requires care when handling and storing.

Magnetic Laser Chain/Belt Alignment Tool incl. postage within the USA $69.95                  
Magnetic Laser Chain/Belt Alignment Tool incl. postage outside of the USA  $79.95                       

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