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Honda Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

by Marc Parnes Products
Honda VFR Motorcycle Wheel Balancer
Honda VFR Wheel Balancer Shown
Silver Wing Scooter Wheel Balancer Now In Stock.

There can be a tremendous savings when installing tires yourself. Tires can be purchased at lower prices over the internet or by mail order as well as the savings that can be had by mounting and balancing them yourself. Besides that, you will know it has been done right.

One of the challenges encountered doing it yourself is being able to balance the wheel assembly easily and effectively. A motorcycle tire balancer is often expensive, takes up a lot of room and in the case of VFR, requires a special rear wheel adaptor which is available from the dealer at a premium price.

The Honda Portable Motorcycle Wheel Balancer pictured above addresses all of these problems.
  • Extremely accurate running on precision low friction shielded ball bearings.
  • Simple to use. Please review the Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Instructions.
  • VFR and Goldwing DO NOT require a Dealer supplied rear wheel adaptor.
  • Portable, it fits in your tool box drawer or tankbag.
  • Durable, CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with a tool steel axle
  • And cost effective.
Technical specs
  • Overall size - 12" x 1"
  • Weight - Approx. 1 lbs (Universal)
  • Bearings - Double shielded ball bearings
  • Axle - Tool Steel 12" x "
  • Material - 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
Please click on the thumbnails below to view the balancer in operation.
Honda GL1800  Honda GL1800 Rear Non-Drive Side Honda GL1800 Rear Drive Side     Honda Silver Wing Front R/S
Photo Courtesy Roddy McLean
Honda Silver Wing Front L/S
Photo Courtesy Roddy McLean
Honda GL1800 Motorcycle Wheel BalancerHonda GL1800 Motorcycle Wheel BalancerHonda GL1800 Motorcycle Wheel BalancerHonda Silver Wing Scooter BalancerHonda Silver Wing Scooter Balancer


Here is an excerpt from a review done by AngelRideVideos
"The Marc Parnes balancer is an absolute joy to use and makes balancing the wheels so much easier. I should have gotten it years ago. It fits both the FJR and Wing wheels and all I need are a couple of big oil jugs to support it on. This tool proved to be worth it's weight in gold, as it is small and easy to store, and is easy to use and fits just about any wheel. The GL1800 rear wheel does not have an axle, so it was always a challenge to try to balance it. The design of the cones in the Marc Parnes balancer perfectly centers the rear wheel so you can easily balance it. All you need are a couple supporting jack stands or similar device to set the balancer on. The bearings turn easily and exert very low friction, which allows you to balance the tire to within a few grams. On a scale of one to ten, I would give this tool a solid ten for easy of use and reliability. My only regret is not getting one sooner."

Honda GL1800 Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Instructions
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>>>> Don't forget  Balance Weights. They're listed at the bottom of this page. <<<<

Honda Application Chart

ModelHow do I measure my wheel?Part#
VFR750 1990-1993HOVS
VFR750/800 1994-2013, CB1000R with a single sided swingarmHOV
VFR800 2014-Up with a single sided swingarmHOV14
VFR1200 all models except VFR1200XHOV12
RVF400, RC30, Hawk with a single sided swingarmHOV
CBR600, 919, VTR1000 Superhawk, VTR1000R, RC51, All VT     FZB
Silver Wing Scooter SLW
Reflex Scooter, NSR50R, Grom   MS12
All Goldwing and ValkyrieHD1
Any others where the overall width of the rear wheel is less than 7"   UNIV
Any others where the overall width of the rear wheel is greater than 7"   FZB

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Order Form

*International Shipping. Shipping to the US via Priority Mail is free. To all other countries please specify First Class Mail or Priority Mail. Priority is faster and comes with a tracking number. All shipments are insured for the full amount. Claims cannot be filed until 45 days from the ship date and 60 days when shipping to Italy. In addition they do not insure shipments to the following countries so we will not accept orders from these countries as well. They are: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bosnia, Burma, Burundi, Congo, Cote d Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Cuba, Congo, Herzegovina, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Liberia, Libya, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Paraguay, Russia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Togo, Yeman, Zimbabwe

 Canadian Customers Please Note: When ordering balancers or a combination of smaller tools I urge you to take advantage of Priority Mail Shipping. It is much faster than First Class and includes a tracking number so we can find it if it gets delayed which unfortunately happens in Canada fairly often.

International Air Mail Shipping (except Canada)$30
International Priority Mail Shipping (except Canada)$50
Canada Only First Class Mail Shipping$20
Canada Only Priority Mail Shipping$30
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Configuration All kits include axle, bearing blocks, cones and adapters unless otherwise noted.Pictures
Click on the thumbnail for a larger view
Prices Include Shipping*Please enter the make, model, year of the bikes to balance in the space provided.
Two cones - one universal and one "compound taper" for both the front and rear wheels included. Also works as a UniversalHonda Motorcycle Wheel Balancer$115 Shipping Included*
Two cones - one universal and one "compound taper" (as used in the HOV kit but slightly shorter) for both the front and rear wheels included.Honda Motorcycle Wheel Balancer$115 Shipping Included*
Two "compound taper" cones for both the front and rear wheels included.Honda Silverwing Motorcycle Wheel Balancer$105 Shipping Included*
Two universal cones and a longer axle included.$115 Shipping Included*
UNIV KitTwo universal cones included.$105 Shipping Included*
HD1 KitOne universal cone, one long cone and a longer axle included.$115 Shipping Included*
HOVS KitTwo "compound taper" cones (as used in the HOV kit but slightly shorter) for both the front and rear wheels included.Honda RVF Motorcycle Wheel Balancer$115 Shipping Included*
HOV12 KitTwo cones - one universal and one "compound taper" (as used in the HOV kit but slightly shorter) for both the front and rear wheels included. $115 Shipping Included*
HOV12X KitThree cones - one Universal and two special rear wheel cones. One of the rear cones is also used on the front wheel. $140 Shipping Included*
MS12 Kit12 mm shaft for front wheel and two Universal cones for rear wheel included.$115 Shipping Included*
KTMA KitTwo special compound taper cones for both front and rear wheels included with a 14" axle.KTM Motorcycle Wheel Balancer$115 Shipping Included*
Special cone from the HOV kit bored for a 1/2" shaft. Honda VFR Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Cone$25
Shipping Included to the USA
Shipping Included outside of the USA
COMBI PartCone set for single-sided rear wheels on all Ducatis, 2010 and older Triumphs, MV Augusta, VFR (not X) as well as Spyder front wheels bored for a 1/2" shaft.$50
Shipping Included*
Special cones from the HOV12 kit bored for a 1/2" shaft. These cones will NOT work on the earlier VFR since their tips are machined for 25 mm front wheel bearings. The earlier VFR had 20 mm front wheel bearings. $50
Shipping Included*
CNR PartsTwo special cones from the HOVS kit bored for a 1/2" shaft. $50
Shipping Included*
CN14C PartsTwo special cones from the HOV14 kit bored for a 1/2" shaft. $50
Shipping Included*
Adhesive Balance Weights are available in strips. Each steel strip consists of 12 5 gram segments, enough to do at least two wheels. Postage is prepaid when included with a balancer order.  If you need weights separately please email with the quantity you would like and your zip code. $2 Each
If you have application or special mounting questions please email

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